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Episode 012: “We have a product that you can drive trucks over, flow water, and contain 96% of sediment retention,” explains Rich Quinley. Sediment control from stormwater is of the utmost importance within the construction industry. The old standard of silt fences and straw wattle can lead to angry visits from stormwater compliance inspectors. Luckily, Rich and Nelson Quinley have the solution with their DuraWattle product, a flexible sediment control barrier that is made to serve as a straw wattle and silt fence alternative in higher traffic areas. Today, Rich and Nelson join host Ty to explain the benefits of using DuraWattle.


Construction zones are high traffic areas subjected to repeatedly being driven over by very heavy trucks full of equipment. Without DuraWattle, this heavy traffic leads to perimeter barriers needing to be replaced multiple times throughout the length of a job in order to remain in compliance. Thankfully DuraWattle can withstand not only heavy vehicle traffic, but also has been tested and proven to withstand severe stormwater events, retaining 96% of sediment. Instead of having to replace the perimeter barriers three or four times each job, oftentimes DuraWattle can be reused for years. The ease of shipment, distribution, and delivery combined with its superior performance makes DuraWattle a great alternative to silt fences and straw wattle. 


If you are looking for an alternative solution to perimeter barriers for sediment control, reach out to Rich and Nelson for a sample of DuraWattle and view the video of their TRI Environmental field test on their website.


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  • “It survives vehicle traffic, and so it cuts down on the non compliance and having to repair less durable sediment barriers.” (3:10-3:23 | Rich)
  • “I can get orders for full trucks and get them shipped out the same day or next day. So we have a really quick turnaround on getting the product out.” (17:57-18:05 | Nelson)
  • “We have a product that you can drive trucks over, flow water, and contain 96% of sediment retention.” (26:11-26:20 | Rich)
  • “DuraWattle helps keep the stormwater inspector away.” (28:13-28:17 | Rich) 

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