Industrial Stormwater with Amesha Morris from Acorn EnviroComply

Episode 013: “The multi sector permit really is detail oriented, unlike construction where you do have a lot of leeway,” explains Amesha Morris, owner of Acorn EnviroComply. At Acorn, Amesha specializes in stormwater pollution prevention planning and stormwater training. She has years of experience with boots on the ground in the Industrial Stormwater scene in North Texas. Today, Amesha joins host Ty to discuss her experiences working in the industrial stormwater sector. 


In the construction sector, people typically have more knowledge when it comes to stormwater, such as maintaining post construction control structures. However, Amesha has found that on the industrial side, people have less knowledge about stormwater. Industrial sites require more complex inspections, certifications, and permits since the structures are typically going to stay in place for the next 15 to 50 years. Creating an erosion control plan for a short term construction site does not always translate over to being able to plan for a permanent industrial site. Also, in Texas, Amesha has noticed that the EPA has been much more active and strict with its inspections, leading to a 20 fold increase in noncompliance charges. So, it pays to be knowledgeable about the codes and regulations for industrial stormwater as there is much less leeway than there is for construction. 


When it comes to working in Dallas Stormwater and the North Texas region, there are loads of fantastic resources available including the North Central Texas Council of Governments. Additionally, permanent industrial sites have their EPA codes and permits all listed online at 



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  • “At least in the state of Texas, the EPA has been a lot more active.” (14:22 | Amesha) 
  • “Know what your SIC code is, because some people will overshoot some of their needs and undershoot some of their needs.” (15:53 | Amesha)
  • “The multi sector permit really is detail oriented, unlike construction where you do have a lot of leeway.” (16:26 | Amesha)

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