Episode 010: “If we can get somebody to try our Aqua Shield product, and they see how easy it is to install, and they see how much time that they can save, how much money they can save, we will get a lot of repeat business,” explains Eric Rominger, Vice President of AquaShield, Inc. Aqua Shield is the leading green infrastructure device that has been both verified and certified in the state of New Jersey. Today, Eric joins host Ty to discuss green infrastructure and water quality.

Aqua Shield’s products, the Aqua Swirl and the Aqua Filter work together to filter the most polluted part of the stormwater, that first inch of rain or so, to improve water quality for rivers, streams, and creeks. Instead of being built out of concrete like most water filtration systems, Aqua Shield uses polymer coated steel or high density polyethylene. Another advantage is that these systems are completely customized with a site-specific design and are ready to go directly into the ground the moment they arrive on site. This saves time, energy, and money across the board. Where it really shines in green infrastructure is in evacuating the water from bio swales, which it does with industry leading efficiency.

If you’re looking for a simple, cost-effective, green water quality management solution, take a look at the Aqua Swirl and Aqua Filter products. The team has nearly 50 years of combined experience, not just in the stormwater industry, but in working with one another. That is nearly unheard of in this day and age, and contributes heavily to the overall success and sustainability of the company. 


  • “What separates us is really on the product side is we manufacture all the products out of polymer coated steel or high density polyethylene as opposed to a concrete structure.” (12:54-13:05 | Eric)
  • “When they arrive on the job site, these units are literally coming right off of the truck right into the ground. And we’re just plumbing the pipes and connecting the inlet outlet stub outs.” (13:19-13:27 | Eric)
  • “What really makes us different is because we’re such a small but mighty team, we’ve got a long longevity.” (13:34-13:41 | Eric) 
  • “If we can get somebody to try our Aqua Shield product, and they see how easy it is to install, and they see how much time that they can save, how much money they can save, we get a lot of repeat business.” (15:41-15:52 | Eric)
  • “We’re able to now evacuate that swale getting ready for that next rain event. And it’s tremendous technology because we’re able to do that at very high flow rates up to seven gallons per minute per square foot.” (24:54-25:07 | Eric)

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