Episode 011: “In its simplest form, green infrastructure is this idea of using decentralized, often nature based systems that can be used to manage and treat stormwater at its source,” explains Rob Woodman, National Manager of Green Stormwater Infrastructure with Ferguson Waterworks. Ferguson is making waves in the stormwater industry by integrating innovative practices with traditional ones. Today, Rob joins host Ty to discuss the benefits of combining green infrastructure with pre-existing more conventional methods. 

More and more states are beginning to have regulations regarding green infrastructure and low impact development. However, there is still a tendency for people to lean toward using the old traditional methods that they are used to. Although the innovative methods typically cost more up front, it is a worthwhile investment as these systems offer higher financial returns over time. By retrofitting innovative systems to support aging traditional infrastructure, you can begin switching to green infrastructure in a cost-effective manner while extending the life of the original systems. 

If you are looking to integrate innovative and traditional practices, consider visiting the Ferguson Geo and Stormwater Solution website to learn more about green infrastructure. 


  • “In its simplest form, green infrastructure is this idea of using decentralized, often nature based systems that can be used to manage and treat stormwater at its source.” (1:47-2:01 | Rob)
  • “One of the biggest challenges in the consulting world today is that young engineers aren’t getting out in the field a lot. They’re not getting to see what is happening post construction.” (9:37-9:47 | Rob)
  • “In every project you learn something, and we really make sure we are out in the field when these systems are getting installed.” (16:32-16:37 | Rob) 
  • “We’ve definitely seen what the addition of green infrastructure has done from a retrofitting standpoint to support undersized and aging, conventional grade infrastructure.” (20:08-20:21 | Rob)

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