When It Rains, It Pours but What If You Knew Where!? Gene Norman, WaterWatch Pro

Episode 009: “WaterWatch Pro is a mobile app that uses digital NOAA data to track rainfall,” explains Gene Norman, President of WaterWatch Pro. Gene’s career as a meteorologist and interest in weather monitoring led him naturally into the world of stormwater management and stormwater compliance. Today, Gene joins host Ty to talk about his product WaterWatch Pro and how it is changing the way people work in the stormwater industry.


WaterWatch Pro is a tool that taps into the digital NOAA data to not only track rainfall, but also share that rainfall data with industry professionals. It creates a digital half mile grid rainfall map that updates every hour, places clients into that map, tracks the data for 24 hours, and then sends a notification of the total. The app is also able to give raw, unadjusted data on rainfall amounts every 15 minutes. Being able to have this data clearly available on a mobile app makes it much easier to track stormwater compliance and prove when there is an irregular or excessive amount of rainfall in an area.


While some in the stormwater industry will continue to prefer the old standard method of physically monitoring a rain gauge outside, many professionals will benefit from having more technologically advanced tracking methods. By being more informed about the weather and having the ability to pull up the data at their fingertips, people can better prepare themselves and their properties for storms. 



  • “WaterWatch Pro is a mobile app that uses digital NOAA data to track rainfall.” (5:22-5:28 | Gene)
  • “What I think about our product is I think of it as inspector repellent.” (8:26-8:30 | Gene)
  • “The challenge is that there’s some latency into when we can notify people about the rainfall events.” (12:46-12:51 | Gene)
  • “We were able to identify a different data source that gives us data every 15 minutes. Now, one of the key differences between this data and the regular hourly data is that the 15 minute data is ‘raw’, it hasn’t been corrected by gauges or any other things.” (15:08-15:25 | Gene)
  • “I wouldn’t be necessarily afraid of the weather, I’d be informed about the weather. Do all you can to make yourself ready, because that next storm is coming.” (28:24-28:35 | Gene) 

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